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Our main specialization is the development of unique technologies and software packages for the growing foreign exchange market FOREX.

New innovative technology, "Bridge" from Hi-Tech-Fx is one of the brightest examples of a combination of information technology on the one hand and the foreign currency market on the other.

Before the invention of "Software Bridge" job brokerage agencies that use the MetaTrader4 (one of the most popular platform in the foreign exchange market) has been difficult.

MetaTrader4 is just like any other program that has its drawbacks and limitations, for instance in the minimization of risk or management and control of certain types of transactions.

Technology "Bridge" from Hi-Tech-Fx allows agencies to use a broker, without risking execution model trading - Straight Through Processing (STP). This is just one example of the solutions offered by Hi-Tech-Fx.

The success of Hi-Tech-Fx is based on the constant improvement of the three main principles:
* Focus on customer needs
* The development team of the company
* Continuous improvement / invention of new technologies

By focusing on these principles, the clock 24/7, Hi-Tech-Fx managed not only to increase the volume customer base, but also provide growth opportunities for its employees and for business partners.

Please contact us if you need an effective solution for your retail business.
Please contact us if you wish to start their own business in the forex market.

We develop software for the MetaTrader4 server that runs on the currency and stock markets.

We offer you a ready-made solutions, as well as custom products that meet your requirements. You can always request us to develop the required module or software, and our experts will try to solve the problem.

We have accumulated extensive experience in software for trading, and therefore we currently offer our services to solve problems of any complexity, we perform the task in the shortest possible time.

Focus on the Customer
The client and his needs - the main priority of Hi-Tech-Fx. Providing the best and latest services and solutions to create long-term partnership - the foundation of the company. We anticipate potential needs and problems, and by the time they appear already have ready-made solutions. That is why Hi-Tech-Fx always exceeds expectations.

The development team
The team, understand and share the principles of the company, is one of the most critical success factors. The ability to attract and retain members of the group, describes the company. Hi-Tech-Fx strives to maintain an inspiring culture of promoting cooperation in addition to maintaining an environment where everyone has the right to vote, and where all team members are proud of and participate in the success of the company.

Continuous improvement / invention of new technologies
First of all, the key principle allows Hi-Tech-Fx to consistently exceed the expectations of all stakeholders. Hi-Tech-Fx is always able to help clients develop to meet the ever-changing market demands.

We offer you our expertise and support in creating a brokerage company.

We wish you happiness and prosperity!

Forex MetaTrader4 trading server for sale

Latest News

January 24, 2024
The Best Exclusive commercial offer. You can be among the first. Get the MetaTrader4 trading server for rent for one year at a price of 0.264 Bitcoin.
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October 21, 2023
We are 12 years old! In honor of the Anniversary, a PROMO is available - PROMOTION "MetaTrader4 Trading Server for 22,500 Euro". We offer everyone who wants to get a ready-made MetaTrader4 server into their own hands a maximum discount of 50% for all time. The 50% discount speaks for itself.
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March 9, 2022
The new year 2022, in the wake of COVID-19, brought even more sanctions and restrictions that have to be observed. The war between Ukraine and Russia entails not only catastrophic and global problems in the economy of these countries, but also affects the interests of the entire world community. We, along with everyone, are worried about the current situation in the world. Our prices have been reduced and completely updated.
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October 19, 2021
Do you want to rent a MetaTrader4 Forex server not expensive? You can rent individual groups on the MetaTrader4 server and trading accounts to work with clients. We offer a huge range of price proposals on the issue of Opening a turnkey Forex brokerage company
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August 22, 2020
It has become much easier to buy a turnkey Forex Brokerage company. The minimum investment when buying a MetaTrader4 Forex server will pleasantly surprise our clients. You can also Rent a Forex trading server MetaTrader4
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March 1, 2019
We are glad to announce that we are now able to provide additional modules for Brokerage Company with trade MetaTrader4 servers. The modules that make the work your company will be even easier and easier.
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June 15, 2018
Reducing the cost to open a key three times thanks to a new price offer. With the possibility of payment by installments within a year from $ 65000
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November 06, 2017
Complete solution of $35000. Cooperative enterprises with the distribution of profits 50/50. Working together with two partners (investors).
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